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  3. Visual Development from Mary Poppins

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  4. How to make Mendl’s Courtesan Au Chocolat from Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel

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  6. Make ‘em laugh!

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    Photographer Bobby-Jo Clow found herself face-to-face with a cheetah cub who approached her Landrover while on safari at the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. She documented the curious cat’s looks of wonder and trepidation at the vehicle and its passengers.

  9. damaraland in namibia
    okavango delta
    okavango delta
    damaraland in namibia
    okavango delta
    damaraland, namibia


    photos from eyes over africa by michael poliza (previously featured) taken above botswana’s okavango delta and namibia’s damaraland and soussusvlei.

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